Sponge Candy – Clinton Street, Buffalo NY

Mike's Candies Storefront | Buffalo, NY

Mike’s Candies Storefront | Buffalo, NY

Well, I have to say that Mike’s Candies is the best example around of how to survive as a small business while the local neighborhood slips over the edge…O.K. – maybe that’s a little too tough on the area – how about just calling Mike’s Candies a “diamond in the rough”.  Their storefront is a well preserved building that was probably somebody’s house about 50 years ago.  This place is a colorful gem that has strong curb appeal.  Two neon “Open” signs in the front window.  What better way to announce your intentions that by hanging a sign out front that announces:  “Mike’s Homemade Candies” – short, sweet and to the point.  And I do mean sweet!

Park out front, walk up the steps, open the door then walk into Sponge Candy heaven.  No, you won’t find any religious statuary on their glass display counter ala Valvo’s Candy Store down in Silver Creek, NY.  No need to worship at the altar of the Chocolate God.   Just walk around the small store and you quickly surrender to the sweet aroma of Sponge Candy chocolate goodness.  Whooee…  No need for any Old Spice cologne before your next big date.  Just linger inside Mike’s Candies for a few minutes and let that delicious chocolate aroma soak deeply into your favorite polyester Leisure Suit.

Sponge Candy and Friends | Mike's Candies

Sponge Candy and Friends

A brief conversation with the young lady behind the glass counter told me that Mike’s Candies makes a raspberry sponge candy using a clear aromatic oil INSIDE the crisp honeycomb interior.  I didn’t know that.  On the other hand, orange flavored chocolate has the flavor IN the chocolate.  File that away under Interesting Sponge Factoid #93…

Another curve ball here is their “white chocolate sponge candy” – now call me Old School – but when it comes down to biting into a sweet piece of Buffalo – I will be the first to stand in a line to buy milk chocolate or dark chocolate sponge candy.  White reminds me too much of the long (and definitely) cold Buffalo winter.  Traditional milk chocolate sponge candy always reminds me that Spring can’t be too far away.  O.K. – try this word analogy:  Milk Chocolate Sponge candy is to Daffodils as White Chocolate Sponge Candy is to ????

You’re right – I could not figure that one out either…hence my concern about buying the white chocolate version…And don’t get me going about “peanut butter” sponge candy.  Hey – remember when Edsel Ford had a better idea – and look what happened to him! Yikes!

Ford Edsel Marketing Fiasco

Ford’s Better Idea | Seen any lately?

Do you need to know my secret Sponge Candy equation?  Hint:  variables include the “price-to-value” ratio multiplied by smoothness of the chocolate multiplied by 10 raised to the 2nd power.  Too much math?  Then let me just say that the price was reasonable, the dark chocolate Sponge Candy was my favorite and the ultimate secret ingredient might just be the special chocolate manufactured by Nestle.  The chocolate used in Mike’s Candies is about as smooth as Buffalo Sponge Candy can be.  Price was $16.50 per pound plus Erie County sales tax.  A good deal for a great product!  Enough said…