About Buffalo Sponge Candy

OK – Let’s just say that after living in Buffalo, NY for more than 30 years…If there is one thing that makes our winter season tolerable, it’s Milk Chocolate & Dark Chocolate & Orange flavored Sponge Candy.  You can watch (and pray for the Buffalo Bills or just appreciate the Buffalo Jills…) – but at some point reality sets in and you realize that you can’t subsist on cold beer, pizza or chicken wings.  Besides, you may have to drive to the store to buy some Dry Gas for your car, so you saddle up and hit the road.

Buffalo City Hall – Our Art Deco Concrete Anchor near the Lake Erie shoreline

But wait!  Your eye catches sight of those white one pound boxes in the candy aisle…Between October and April – almost anytime you walk into any of the larger grocery stores or local candy store you will find a great selection of Milk Chocolate Sponge Candy, Dark Chocolate Sponge Candy or possibly even the elusive orange flavored chocolate sponge candy.  Scoop up what you need and don’t forget to toss an extra box or two for friends and family.
Oh, and don’t forget to pick up a new pair of Trico winter wiper blades – it’s still a long way until Spring arrives in Western New York!  So, get comfortable, take your shoes off and kick back.  The NFL and NASCAR will help you get through those cold winter days…As we like to say in Buffalo, NY:  “…wait until next year…”


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