Sponge Candy – Ellicottville, NY

A quick trip to Ellicottville (aka E-Ville…) in Cattaraugus County for a sunny day of skiing at HoliMont Ski Club.  Ski Club?  Who came up with that moniker…There were a ton of expensive condos, plus a parking lot FULL BMWs & Mercedes Benz parked next to the Main Lodge building – this is definitely not a “club” – Those folks are High Income folks who know how to play in the snow! Unfortunately, that is NOT me…But I digress.

One of the biggest benefits of driving home is that you must pass by the storefront of Watson’s Chocolates – one of my personal favorite sources of Buffalo Sponge Candy.  There was only one other person inside (err…that would be the woman behind the counter…) – so not a major distraction as I perused the merchandise.  Plenty of flotsam and jetsam from the pre-Valentine’s Day marketing effort dominated the décor.  Red, pink hearts and chocolates in those big glass cases.  You would have to be blind NOT to see the “cream of the crop”.  Boxes (and boxes) of sponge candy all piled up and ready to go…nowhere…The only analogy I could think of was:  “…What if you gave away free wings and pizza in downtown Buffalo and nobody showed up…”

Storefront in Ellicottvile, NY

I wonder how many of the Canadians who drive down to E-Ville and stay at those ritzy condos and chalets actually wander into Watson’s for a peek around.  Does anyone know any Canadians who are Sponge Candy fan(atics)?  I don’t – which means all the more for you…and me!

The counter girl (sorry – no name tag visible…) was all abuzz about the upcoming Food Channel episode that will feature their business.  Well – not this particular store in E-Ville, but the “chocolate factory” in Tonawanda.  Hey – I wonder if they give tours AND samples of their wares.

To make a short story even shorter – I walked out with a one pound box of Sponge Candy festively wrapped in V-Day paper.  A true survivor that escaped the retail mania that typically occurs around that particular chocolate holiday in Western New York.  Well, this story has a happy ending after all.  I peeled off the little tag with a “D” code – a simple system of keeping the D-ark sponge candy from fraternizing with the M-ilk chocolate.  I just can’t resist those boxes marked with a “D”…

Sponge Candy on the adoption rack waiting for you!

No – I have not informed my wife of this “sweet” retail purchase – I make the analogy of picking up a stray from the SPCA, but keeping it in a cardboard box the basement with a blanket until the time is right to make the announcement.  I can make that one pound box of dark chocolate sponge candy last for 2 weeks – and I will have to keep a tally of the piece count as I lift them out of the box and ‘adopt’ them.  No need for a cardboard box and blanket for me!’


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