Sponge Candy Made In Buffalo, NY

Sponge Candy from Buffalo NY

Sponge Candy from Buffalo NY

I often get frustrated when I surf the Net looking at other web stores trying to pass off as a rather weak version of what most people in around here take for granted! When you mention the words “sponge candy” in this City (that would be Buffalo, NY by the way…) – everyone knows what you mean.  High quality and great taste in every one pound box.

You might be a “Milk Chocolate Girl” or a “Dark Chocolate Dude” – or possibly the other way around – but it looks like a lot of people out in HyperSpace may be ordering “sponge-candy-like-objects”.

Kinda’ makes you wonder what the expectations out in the world really are when other stores pass of versions of “Buffalo Sponge Candy” labeled as “sponge toffee” / “sea foam” / fairy food and the like.  But when it comes to Sponge Candy – you get what you pay for…

Sometimes you just can’t catch a break.  We have competitive prices – we have our own product specifications that call for high quality chocolate (actually we prefer Merckens…) plus our inventory is always fresh since we sell a “ton” of this product!   It really is a struggle to get the message about our high quality to customers living outside of Western New York – it’s a simple equation of  High Quality + Great Taste = Memories of living in Buffalo, NY.  Hey – Life can be short – eat Sponge Candy!